Advanced MBP Multi-Stage Activated Sludge Process of Aquaflow

MBP Process is the most effective Activated Sludge Process, where excellent sludge settling characteristics  ensure good effluent quality while generation of excess sludge is minimized.

Our advanced activated sludge treatment process consists of tailor-made
selective biological stages MBP (=Minimum Biosludge Process) suitable for
various loading and treatment requirements.

MBP process enhances biological reactions inside the activated sludge process leading to a 30 - 50 % reduction in the sludge production and an additional 5 % of the final cake dryness.

Features & Benefits

Your benefits when using MBP Process:

  • Excellent effluent quality due to good settleability.
  • 30 - 50 % lower sludge yield.
  • Decrease in consumption of nutrients and chemicals.


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