Dewatering with Aquaflow's AF-Belt

What Makes Aquaflow's AF-Belt Twin Wire Press Ideal for Different Applications?

AF-Belt Twin Wire Press is specifically designed for Pulp & Paper Mill Sludge Dewatering Applications. It is ideally suited for applications, where the sludge inlet consistency and quality vary and for sludge mixtures with significant biosludge content. AF-Belt is designed to operate at low wire speeds in order to reach the highest possible dewatered sludge cake dryness depending on ash and biosludge content.

AF-Belt is the most versatile solution to handle mixtures of biological, fibre, deinking and chemical sludges and it is flexible for process variations.

Features & Benefits 

Your benefits when using AF-Belt™ Twin Wire Press:

  • A high sludge thickness and effective pressing due to a slow wire speed.
  • A compact design including a flocculator and thickening drum.
  • Easy start-up and operation.
  • A quick wire change either with a continuous or wire joint cloth.
  • A low specific energy consumption.
  • Fully automatic control options.


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