Aquaflow's BAS Process

A Combination of MBBR and Aquaflows Multi-Stage Activated Sludge Process

Aquaflow’s BAS process combines the Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR) process followed by Aquaflow’s multi-stage activated sludge process.
In MBBR, the active biomass consists of bacteria attached to the surface of the carrier media, which are kept in constant motion by means of aeration and/or mixing. Intensity of MBBR process is higher than in conventional activated sludge process, leading to smaller reactor size.

Our MBBR partner is AnoxKaldnes, the original developer of MBBR technology and our sister company in Veolia. By using AnoxKaldnes media, we have the luxury to choose the appropriate media for different applications. AnoxKaldnes is also constantly developing its media portfolio through intensive R&D work.

Features & Benefits 

BAS Process is especially suitable, when:

  • There is limited footprint available.
  • Civil costs are high and plant structures need to be optimized.
  • Effluent incoming COD concentration is high.


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