Future Technologies of Aquaflow

Aquaflow's Next Generation of Pulp & Paper Effluent & Sludge Treatment 

Improved Effluent Quality to Address the Most Demanding Requirements through Circular Economy

Being the market leader and global industry reference is a status that does not come easy. To maintain this status demands for constant efforts and investments on finding ways of doing things in a better, smarter way.

From the very beginning Aquaflow’s success has been based on doing things better than competition. It started with improving licensed products sold in the 60s, moved on to making sludge dewatering technology that became the industry standard in the 70s, moving further to pioneering biological effluent treatment in the 80s and
development of tertiary treatment at the turn of the millennium. Unlike many
competitors, Aquaflow has always had a clear focus on developing technologies tailor made for the Pulp & Paper industry which has made a big differentiating factor in global competition.

With the new green-field mill projects, we face ever more stringent effluent treatment requirements, while disposal of sludge and management of side streams such as chemicals is becoming more and more complex. To address this huge challenge and to make our contribution to Circular Economy, we are developing totally New Process Concepts, where different mill waste streams can be re-processed and used in effluent and sludge treatment, while providing performance to satisfy the most stringent requirements.