Effluent Treatment by Aquaflow

A Complete Range of Effluent and Sludge Treatment Solutions
Effluent Treatment

Optimal tailor-made Design & Build Solutions of Aquaflow

Aquaflow’s wide customer base contains producers of chemical or mechanical pulp, recycled fiber or different paper grades. As a customer, you can rely on Aquaflow’s wide experience to create optimal solutions with its proven and
reliable processes and technologies for your specific demands.

Our offering includes full range of mechanical, biological, and chemical
effluent  treatment systems
and equipment for various P&P applications.

The mill production has a major impact on the choice of the treatment method. Effluent and sludge treatment should be understood as one entity. Aquaflow can provide a tailor-made, cost-effective solution for you.

Aquaflow is constantly developing its processes and equipment, to comply with the most stringent effluent quality requirements and the lowest possible sludge production rates. The most recent development projects are focused on producing process reagents from the mill wastes and thus contributing to Circular Economy. 


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