Dewatering with Aquaflow's AF-Press

Why is AF-Press Screw Press Ideal Especially for Difficult Sludges?

Conical, low speed AF-Press Screw Press is suitable especially for difficult sludges which can not rapidly be pressed or sludges which contain also pressable material. Pressing is made in the whole screw length acc. to the sludge properties. The best possible results are achieved by means of tailor-made process design.

AF-Press is specifically designed for final dewatering of different sludges like wastewater sludges (primary and secondary), DIP sludges and internal circuit sludges.

Features & Benefits

Your benefits when using AF-Press™ Screw Press:

  • Reliable and closed construction.
  • High outlet consistency.
  • Good filtrate water quality.
  • High availability.
  • Minor wearing.
  • Minimum need of maintenance.


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