Aquaflow Applications

Aquaflow offering

Producers of pulp and paper made from different virgin or recycled materials rely on Aquaflow's wide experience in creating optimal solutions with its superb technology, tailored to meet set targets on cost-effective basis. 

Our offering covers all needs for effluent treatment, from pre-treatment to most
demanding post-treatment providing best in its class effluent quality. All main process units are equipped with in-house process equipment; screens, aeration, clarification, post-treatment as well as sludge handling, tailored to fit the standards of Pulp & Paper industry.

Our process & technology development is looking into the next generation of effluent and sludge treatment, where the most stringent emmission requirements are met by utilizing waste materials generated in pulp and paper production, and thus
contributing to the circular economy.

A Complete Range of Aquaflow's Effluent and Sludge Treatment Solutions.
The pulp and paper industry
produces different kinds of sludges such as primary,
biological and chemical sludges.
Why is Aquaflow Service essential?